Windows 7: Do I need to upgrade?

After an announcement that Microsoft is no longer going to sell Windows 7, should you take this as a sign to upgrade your operating system? Coupled with a lack of support that is due to come into effect in early 2015, surely this means that you should start preparing for an upgrade to a newer operating system?

Don’t panic. Seriously.

The truth is, you don’t need to panic. Windows 7 is here to stay for a while at least, as over half of computer owners use the operating system. Support for the operating system isn’t entirely going away either: come January 2015, Microsoft is no longer providing mainstream support for it, which simply means that it will no longer contribute any upgrades or features to Windows 7.

It will still provide security support up until January 14 2020, so you have a little while before you need to start seriously worrying about the reliability or security of your operating system.

So why would Microsoft stop selling an operating system that so many people are using and enjoying? The answer is Windows 10, its new operating system that’s due to launch early next year. As so many people and businesses have avoided using Windows 8, and there have been lots of vocal critics of it, Microsoft wants to nip Windows 7 in the bud and get its customers geared up for upgrading to Windows 10 on the day it launches.

Hold tight.

If you’re running a business and your machines are using Windows 7 then hold tight. Security isn’t an issue, and everything is as it ever was. When Windows 10 gets released, you may want to consider upgrading to it when you have the time and the budget: early look ins are favourable, and it offers a snappier version of the operating system we are all familiar with.

If you’re concerned about the operating system your business’ computers are running on, then get in touch with us for a chat: we’ll do our best to put you up to date.


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