The biggest tech stories of 2014

As 2015 draws ever closer, we take a look at some of the biggest stories that shook the tech industry in 2014.

Google bought Nest

Back in January, the word on everyone’s lips was Nest, a smart thermostat that could be controlled remotely and would learn your heating habits over time. Google bought the company for $3.2 billion, which got everyone talking as it showed that the mega-giant is slowly expanding its collection of hardware.

Satya Nadella became Microsoft’s CEO

After a five month search, in February, Nadella replaced controversial Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO. He’s only the third person to have that position and since getting the role he’s introduced some forward-thinking plans to keep Microsoft at the top including cheaper licensing, free Office apps, and of course the announcement of Windows 10.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned

Just days after his appointment as CEO of Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox, Brendan Eich stepped down as pressure was put upon him to explain a donation he made in 2008 to support a ballot initiative to ban gay marriage in California. There is still no news on what Eich, who is also the creator of programming language JavaScript, has been doing since his resignation.

Apple bought Beats

The hugely popular Beats headphones, which were created by music mogul Dr. Dre were bought for $3 billion back in May by Apple. It’s the largest acquisition the company has ever taken, and meant that they got the expertise of Dr. Dre to enhance their iTunes division.

Android Lollipop announced

An overhaul of Google’s mobile operating system was announced in October and with it came a fresh new look. Taking some inspiration from some of the features of Apple’s mobile operating system, Lollipop brought a smoother interface and new colour design.

iOS 8, Yosemite and Swift

Of course, Apple shouldn’t be forgotten. They launched a whole new range of software this year including iOS 8 for its smart phones and tablets, plus Yosemite, an update to its computer operating system. In addition to this, the company announced Swift, a brand new programming language intended for developers who want to make iPhone and iPad apps.

MtGox bitcoin exchange goes bankrupt

Remember when everyone was talking about bitcoins? It seems like an age ago, but was in fact only earlier this year. During the midst of the hype, when bitcoin cash machines, bitcoin-only shops and even bitcoin pubs were popping up everywhere, MtGox, the biggest exchange for bitcoins went bankrupt. The reason? A loophole in the company’s security meant that they lost around 740,000 bitcoins. Now that’s unlucky.


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