Benefits of point-to-point wireless

Getting reliable network coverage in your business is important, and getting a good one is often reliant on the physical infrastructure of your office building. This can be especially problematic if your company is spread out across several buildings, in the instance of campus sites and so on.

This is where point-to-point wireless can really benefit. Using line of site to connect buildings to the main network, these high quality devices allow you to have one reliable network without the need to install cables underground or invest in an expensive high-speed link between sites.

Here at Comms Intelligence, we use Repeatit products to provide our customers with a 245mbps bandwidth. The brand is an affordable solution to other products on the marketplace and is manufactured in Sweden. Designed to work specifically outside in all weather conditions, their point-to-point wireless connections are ideal, whatever your setup needs are.

With an easy to use admin interface, and a huge range (up to 15km), these are the perfect solution to your network problems if you have offices that are only a short distance away from each other.

These hardy point-to-point wireless connections have been used everywhere from offshore plants to salty sea coasts, and even in car parks to connect CCTV cameras together.

If you need point-to-point wireless set up in Sussex and beyond, don’t hesitate to drop our friendly team a line to discuss your needs.



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