Rackspace Management Explained

Rackspace is a similar service to Amazon Web Services in that it’s a cloud-based system which hosts web applications, offers cloud storage, saves important databases and files, and also serves as a place for backup.

It’s a US-based company but has data centres in the UK and across the globe to enable speedy recovery of files. The benefit of opting for a cloud-based service like Rackspace is that you’ll have your very own virtual private server, which you can pay for in one easy utility computing package.

The cloud databases on offer by Rackspace are similar to Amazon’s Remote Database Service and offer a highly resilient way to store your databases, and can connect to multiple servers at once.

In addition to this, Rackspace offers a Content Delivery Network which hosts and retrieves your asset files, like images and style sheets, from the closest copy in its global network to significantly speed up the load time of your website.

What we offer

Most recently we implemented Rackspace cloud management with a PR company who needed it for their websites they develop. We initially had a meeting to discuss their needs and the size and configuration of cloud servers that they wanted.

Once we established that Rackspace was the right system for them, we set this up and configured a live server designed for publishing websites and then backed it up. In addition to this, we set up a staging server for website development and testing so that they did not have to work from the main live server.

After the initial set up, we now continue to provide support to the company and do monthly maintenance checks on their servers, meaning that they don’t have to worry about performing this vital operation themselves.

If you’ve been looking into Rackspace management for your website or company’s needs, then get in touch with us and let us take responsibility for managing your system needs.


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