Our New Website

We guess that like many service companies we spend the majority of our time focusing on providing the best service we can to our customers. So when subjects like focusing on our branding or designing and launching a new website come up they always seem to get pushed down the importance list. After all, we’ve got a website, people get in touch with us, we have happy customers and we just don’t have the time…

It’s a poor excuse isn’t it, “we don’t have the time”. If we are running a serious service company we realised that we needed to make the time as our old website just didn’t reflect who we are, how we think or the way that we work. We turned to our customers to seek their thoughts and they felt the same.

Knowing full well that we couldn’t do it ourselves we searched for a branding and design consultant with serious pedigree to help us. After all, our strength is in understanding and applying computer technology, we are a little weak when it comes to creative design.

The person we found helped us to better understand how we are perceived by the companies we work for and how to translate that into branding and our online presence. And here we have the result of all that work, our new website. We are delighted with it, it feels more like us and hope you like it too.


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