Our favourite features of Office 365

You may have read our previous blog that compared Google Apps and Office 365 side by side, weighing up the pros and cons of both of the cloud-based software. In this article we’ll be taking a look specifically at Office 365 and the features it has that makes it a great choice for your cloud solution.

The admin controls

We’ve found the admin controls for Office 365 to be incredibly convenient to use, and can really be tailored to your company’s needs. Adding and removing new users is a breeze, and doesn’t need to be left in the hands of your IT managers or administrators.

People in your HR team can easily add new users to the system when new employees join the team, with just a little bit of training. This saves time and also speeds up their processes.

Additionally, it’s easy to control every aspect of the way your users access Office 365. So if you’ve got a lot of remote workers, or people accessing the software via a mobile device, you can change the security settings so that they will be prompted to enter a password when trying to access files from outside the office, adding an extra layer of security to the system.

It’s easy to see who’s online

One of the most useful features of Office 365 is its connection with Lync (soon to be called Skype for Business), which is a chat app that you can use to talk quickly to other people in your company.

This ties in nicely with Outlook, so when you send an email to another colleague you can easily see their Lync status, so if they are online you know you can expect an email straight away, or if they are busy, you can contact them at another time.

It’s great for collaboration

It’s really easy to share documents with other people in your company, and just as easy to share with people outside of your organisation. So if you’ve got documents you need to share with clients or customers you can do it intuitively within the cloud, without having to send as a huge email attachment or through any other medium.

What’s more, it offers a familiar set up for those who are used to using Microsoft Office and requires little training to get everyone on board and using the cloud to store their documents.

if you’re thinking about installing Office 365 in your business, then have a chat with us to see whether our affordable set up service is right for you.


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