June Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Comms Intelligence newsletter! To start off our first foray we’ve put together some articles on all things comms. This time we’ll be covering technology updates, and how to keep your network secure. So as not to interrupt you (and to give you some time to recover from the last newsletter – you may just need it), we’re planning on sending out these updates only once in a while.

The creaking network – What will be the ‘next generation’ of devices to connect your comms.

Equipment purchases for businesses need to be justifiable, necessary and good value for money. But just how long should you cling onto making the most out of what you have, versus making changes and improvements? (Ever hear the one about the user whose computer took so long to log in that they went to make coffee in the meantime? Yes, we did too, many times).

So with that in mind, in this issue we have tried to focus on technology updates and refreshes that are ‘cloud migration strategy’ agnostic.

In forthcoming issues, we’ll cover some of the options for whether to host your applications and services on or offsite, but the areas of discussion below apply with any outcome.

So here is part one of a small and not exhaustive list of things you can think about in terms of updating your network. You may not need a lot of changes, there may be little to improve on, but making sure everything is working optimally and without hindrance is possibly once of the quickest ways to ensure network performance and peace of mind when you need to change your equipment.

Network switches

Often forgotten, often stuffed under a desk or behind a filing cabinet, but often quite handy when you want to optimise or segment your comms traffic. Find out why an optimised, manage switch structure can improve network performance, assist with security and reduce network outages here.

Firewall technology

Does your fire(wall) still burn brightly, or is it the IT equivalent of a chocolate fireguard? As ever, changes in the way that network and Internet threats are made by attackers mean that the device put there to protect you can be left rather in the dark, plus the enemy of your network, may well be unwittingly on the inside of your organisation. Read more

Computer Cabling (yes, people still use that!)

Do you have enough cabling points for your users and their devices? Are you using intermediate equipment (such as small, work-around type network switches) that may be causing bottle-necks to network performance?

Why isn’t everything WIFI anyway? For more info on that, read more.


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