Future-proofing your cable network

Cabling is the backbone of any great communications network, and while the technology has mercifully remained static for years, the downside is that it has become an area which will be the least likely to be upgraded.

With a static cable system in place which rarely changes it can be problematic when dealing with less static factors such as staff numbers, devices needing network connections, office layouts and even the residents of any office space.

As a result of the position and quantity available of cabling points, it can lead to a compromised office layout and even an epidemic of messy daisy-chained 4 port switches to ‘make do’, usually with questionable reliability and even safety implications.

You wouldn’t plug in several adaptors at home and then attach all of your electronical devices to it, so why should the workplace be any different? And resorting to use wi-fi as an alternative may seem like the perfect solution. However, even though it’s a relatively cheap solution, unless it’s properly planned, it can provide underwhelming network performance, administrative headaches and security issues, which may leave you wishing that you’d simply recabled the building.

So that leaves three choices:

  1. Carry out a re-assessment of the network requirements and the cabling required to accommodate it
  2. Carry out a re-assessment of the network requirements and invest in a robust, secure, reliable wi-fi solution that not only meets the current requirements but can offer versatility to the ever-increasing demands of wireless technology
  3. Carry on letting the tail wag the dog until the cabling infrastructure grinds to a halt

A big decision perhaps, but getting a professional in to do the legwork for you may just be the solution you’re after. What’s more, professionally installed cabling, such as the service offered by us comes with multi-year defect warranty. Many cabling services which are bundled into office refits and infrastructure work does not have this guarantee.

Here at Comms Intelligence, we can carry out a no-obligation cabling (LAN) survey to identify any performance bottlenecks, inherent weaknesses and safety recommendations, with suggestions for the best solutions to replace or add additional cabling, and alternative connectivity options. Get in touch with us today for a quote.


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