CES 2015: Tech Highlights

With the year’s first tech show just about wrapped up, it’s time to take a look at the highlights of CES’s fantastic 2015 outing in Las Vegas. This year the event was attended by over 17,000 people, both exhibition holders and guests alike, and among the talks and presentation stands were some of the most exciting new innovations from the world of tech.

We’ve had our ears to the ground looking for the most promising news from the world of computing, gaming and mobile, so check out what the coming year has for you.

Live TV on tablet

Android users will be happy about this announcement: Dish Announced its new service Sling TV, which takes a decent selection of cable TV channels and makes them available for live streaming – so you can watch TV straight from your tablet. So far this has only been announced in the USA, but it opens up plenty of possibilities for the international market, so keep your eyes peeled.

Health Wearables

Medtech and healthtech have come a long way; no longer limited to people with specific illnesses and conditions, now even the latest Samsung devices come with a heart monitor and blood pressure detector built in. Smartwatches look set to be the next big thing, while other devices were even more impressive – check out the Quell, set to be a wearable pain management and tracking device for chronic pain sufferers.


Drones hit the headlines a few times last year, and we soon adjusted to the sight of blinking lights hovering over any outdoor event with a sizeable crowd. Quadcopters made up a sizeable portion of the CES keynote address, and over the course of the event you could always see one zipping overhead. The future is here, and it looks like a tiny helicopter.

3D Printers

3D printers have been on the market for a while now, but that didn’t stop them being s continuing talking point at this year’s CES. As more and more households buy into the idea for all sorts of reasons, the conversation has moved away from their commercial use and closer to what we as individuals can do armed with just one 3D printer and a home computer. Hint: if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll want to check this out.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was a talking point all of last year, thanks to the gaming market and even the healthtech industry finding innovative ways to utilise devices like the famous Oculus Rift. At CES, OR showed off its latest model in a dedicated public stall, and Samsung confirmed its own OR-driven devices set to hit the market. Even CNET weighed in on the topic during the Next Big Thing Supersession. Next year in the holodeck, anybody?


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