Business benefits of cloud storage

Adopting cloud storage in your company might be a big change if you’ve not previously used a remote storage system before. However it’s now becoming commonplace for companies to rely on the cloud for storage, collaboration and remote working.

So, what’s the benefit of adopting a cloud-based system?

It’s easy to set up

Setting up a cloud-based storage system takes a matter of hours: in fact we managed to migrate a company over to Office 365 in less than a day, including merging separate international accounts into one coherent install.

It saves space

As you won’t have to store files and documents on your local servers, you won’t have to spend money and energy on running extra server space in the office. Not only this, the cloud encourages collaboration and prevents unnecessary emails with documents attached, meaning email inbox sizes are reduced.

All of this space-saving also means that your internal servers will run quicker, and users will notice their computers will be more speedy, especially if you opt to use browser-based software such as Google Docs.

It’s more accessible

Your users can access their documents wherever they are with cloud storage, meaning if you have a lot of staff working remotely or flexibly, they will find it easier to get the important documents they need.

Instead of connecting to complicated networks and having to use a specific device or computer, they can simply access the documents they need through a browser.

Everyone can collaborate easily too. Instead of having several versions of documents flying around, there is one instance that specified users can comment on, suggest edits to and even chat in real time.

It’s more secure

As your files and documents are stored off-site in servers hundreds of miles away, disaster recovery becomes less of a problem. In fact, if your office was involved in a disaster such as a fire or a flood, then having cloud storage can help your business get up and running quicker as employees can access everything they need remotely.

The cloud is encrypted too, meaning that the documents and files you store in it can be stored more securely than on local storage.

If you are deciding on what cloud-based system to adopt, read our round up on Office 365 versus Google Apps or get in touch with us for some advice.


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