Benefits of Windows 10 for businesses

Windows 10 is definitely on its way, and we’ve taken a look at the main changes in a previous blog post – but we haven’t really gone into how the new operating system will benefit your business. There are some key features we think are really important, and should increase your efficiency in the office even more, so let’s go over some of the highlights.

Separate work and leisure

This is a fantastic feature for small businesses: Windows 10 will make it really easy for you to separate your work and home apps, so entrepreneurs won’t have to stress out when they’re off the clock. It’s also really easy to wipe a user from a device or PC, so when an employee leaves it won’t take you forever to get your hardware ready for the next person.

Intuitive interface

Users of Windows 8, rejoice – Windows 10 is bringing back the Start bar! This, plus a few other little tweaks, will make Windows far more comfortable to use, and in turn this is expected to increase productivity. If you do need extra help finding your way around, we can provide you with some support during the changeover – just let us know.

Universal user interface

Don’t worry, this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Basically, Windows 10 will be the same across any device, from your PC to your tablet of smartphone. That’s great new in terms of efficiency, but it also makes it easier when downloading apps, as there will now be one universal app store in which apps work on every device, rather than having to download and re-learn the “mobile” version of your favorite programs.

We’ll keep you updated as more information about Windows 10 is revealed, so watch this space!


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