Benefits of virtual servers

One of the most popular services that we offer clients is virtual servers that can store your company’s information remotely and securely. But what are the benefits of having your servers off-site?

It’s green

Not having to power huge servers means that you won’t be wasting energy, plus it will save you money as you won’t have massive energy bills.

More reliable

There’s a greater uptime with virtual servers meaning you can offer a reliable service with little to no downtime. Many virtual servers come with storage migration, fault tolerance and distributed resource scheduling, meaning that they can recover quicker from an unplanned outage.

Key for disaster management

Virtual servers are of upmost importance in a disaster recovery plan. Having your servers off-site means that if there are any disasters within the office, you can get back up and running with ease, and access all of the information you need remotely.

Extend the life of older applications

There are probably a few applications that your company relies on that aren’t compatible with newer operating systems or hardware. Using a virtual server means you can install a virtual machine and extend the life of older applications, meaning you don’t have tin invest in costly upgrades.

Cloud compatibility

Having virtual servers are the first step to getting set up in the cloud. Many cloud-based apps like Office 365 run better on a virtual server, speeding up your systems and making it easier for remote workers.

If you’re interested in moving over to virtual servers, then get in touch with us today.


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