Amazon Web Services management

If you are hosting a website or application that requires a cost effective yet highly scalable platform then Amazon Web Services could be the answer. But it can be implemented rather badly as we discovered…

A client of ours in London asked us to audit the way that their web applications were setup to run from Amazon’s Cloud server system, EC2. They heavily rely on their applications to generate revenue and were concerned that it wasn’t setup correctly as they had already suffered data loss on one occasion.

Auditing the setup showed that they had a number of EC2 Servers running, one for each application. Neither the databases, the files been generated by the applications nor the code was being backed up properly. And there were critical files stored in temporary storage on one of the servers that would be completely lost if it was shutdown. The code wasn’t being stored in a version control system either. This was a risky setup and was more costly to run than needed.

We started by configuring some scheduled backups of the databases and files and storing the backups in Amazons secure and reliable Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Next we installed and configured a new server as the existing ones weren’t running correctly and configured it to access the databases from Amazon RDS (Amazon’s secure and scalable Relational Database Service). We tested migrating the first application and it’s data to the new platform we had built. Having proved the new server we migrated again and made it live.

To cut running costs we migrated the other applications to the same live server and created a version control repository in which to store all the live code. So now the database, files and code are backed up and safe. The client is very relieved and we are now monitoring and administering their Amazon Web Services setup.

Technologies :

  • Amazon Webservices
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Ubuntu Linux server
  • Apache
  • MySQL


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