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Gigabit WiFi Solutions

Technology Benefit
Gigabit bandwidth provides
performance levels that offer a
genuine alternative to office-wide
hard-wired cabling
Easy to implement network
connectivity without the time and
cost for provision of Ethernet cabling
Gigabit bandwidth supports the
proliferation of wireless devices,
enabling them to work efficiently
Fewer user issues on device
performance improves productivity
The latest encryption technologies
minimise risk of hacking
Peace of mind
Provides secure access for Bring Your
Own Device policies for multiple wi-fi
profiles (guest, LAN etc)
Peace of mind
VPN to central services provides
wireless LAN via a WAN, giving
remote users easy network access
Save time and cost to roll out and
Key Differentiator Benefit
Enterprise features and controller
functions in each access point; no
need for a separate controller
No need to hard wire access points to
the network; less equipment, less to
go wrong, lower cost to maintain
Resilient hardware means any device
can take over as the primary unit
Mitigates against wi-fi network
Beamforming – focused wifi signal
improves wifi in places where
building structure traditionally
impacted on performance
Allows good performance in hard to
reach locations, providing consistent,
reliable user experience
Easy to add further devices to widen
the coverage, reducing the need for
wi-fi surveys
Save time and cost to roll out and


Tim Metcalfe
Head of MIS, Brighton Dome

Their strength of customer service, depth of knowledge, speed of response and ability to go above and beyond to help makes them a highly valued supplier to our business


Adam Brown
IT Manager, BIMM

Comms Intelligence have provided first rate IT support for our group of colleges for over three years. Their work is of an extremely high standard.


Dermott Scully
Partner, Scully Twiss Solicitors

For the past 5 years we have always received a high standard of service from them. They are very well informed, helpful, polite and are always prompt to respond to any problems and resolve them quickly.


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